Media buyers

Better ROI for any vertical

Push notifications can massively improve your media buying performance. Seamless native integration allows to collect subscribers on any landing page or pre-lander with no conversion rate decrease. Convert 10% of visitors to subscribers and send them notifications for free for more conversions and upsales.

How it works

Easy start

Collect subscribers on your landing page or a pre-lander.


Push subscription doesn't impact your current conversion rate. You just get extra users for free!

Free upsale

Start sending push notifications to your subscribers with follow-ups or upsale offerings.


Multi-event analytics

Pass up to 15 custom parameters to any subscription for better analysis of your traffic and targeting

Real-time stats

Analyze the performance immediately, group by OS, device type etc.

Powerful targeting

API-based targeting allows you to send personalized push notifications

Always viewable

You'll receive your payments every week. We support all popular payment options (Paypal, Wire Transfer, bank cards, etc.)