Extra revenue

Push notification ads are additional monetization layer on top of the existing banner placements or pop-under tags. Push marketing allows publishers to continuously monetize their users even when the users are not directly on their site.

Benefits for publishers

Bypass ad blocker

Push notifications can`t be blocked. We guarantee that each impression will be delivered.

The highest take rate

The subscription rate goes up to 20% of all site visits with our customized landing pages.

Ever-growing revenue

User continue receiving push ads even without visiting your website (and you are the one who gets revenue!)

Site-friendly ad format

User receives push notifications from our domains. Your site will never be associated with ads.

Get Even More Benefits With uNative

High-quality inventory

The real-time algorithm guarantees the best prices and relevant ads for notifications that we send to users

Superior coverage

uNative has partnered 27 top DSPs and ad networks that are ready to pay the highest price for your traffic

Direct advertisers

The platform is connected to the best-paying advertisers and trusted affiliates all around the world


Add subscription page on your site

Choose one of our premade ad unit templates or request your own design

Users subscribe and start receiving Push Notifications

We always ask for users' permission before sending them notifications. Only one click is needed!

Earn with Push Subscriptions

Your revenue grows with every subscription

How to start earning with Push ads right now?

With Push Notifications, publishers continue to monetize their visitors even when they`re not on the site
The user comes back to your site and continues navigating.

After clicking on the ad, the site visitor goes to a landing page and decides to subscribe or not.
Select site placement for push notification to appear.

Once added to your site, Push Notifications keep driving revenue even after visitors leave your website.

What types of traffic you can monetize
with Push Notifications

  • Your site traffic
  • Display ads
  • Paid traffic: native ads, redirects, clickunder, etc.
  • Social media traffic
  • eMail blasts
  • Untargeted traffic