Native Video Solution

Native video advertising
network the way it
should be

  • No video content needed
  • 100% viewability
  • Branding and customization features
  • High payouts

Native Video Solution

We have created our Native Video Solution to help brands
and publishers reach new audiences with unobtrusive, yet eye-catching ads.


Video Rich Media ad units offer a powerful alternative to traditional advertising formats.

Our native video ads demonstrate higher performance and near-100% viewability while keeping the user experience interruption-free. These ad units feature a mute option, as well as a wide array of branding and customization settings that help them merge with the surrounding content.

Rather than distracting your users, our native video ads integrate seamlessly into the experience of content consumption. The video unit will only load if there's an ad to display, which improves the overall UX.

uNative for Publishers Adopt a smarter monetization strategy with native video
advertising. Leave banners in the past where they belong.

Earn more from every ad impression, and get you monetization campaigns set up and running faster. We work with a wide selection of reputable brands, and our ads will always be relevant to your audience's interest.

Reasons to choose uNative? Pick one:

Manage your native video ads Choose from Direct and Indirect Sales formats

  • Guaranteed buyout
  • High fill rates
  • Branded ads
Thanks to partnerships with hundreds of advertisers, we can guarantee demand for a certain portion of your inventory.
  • Mediation
  • Global Coverage
  • Integration with top DSPs
Our mediation platform fetches requests from multiple networks to ensure there's always an ad to display. As a publisher, you can rank networks in order of preference.

Unative for Advertisers A subtler way to engage audiences. Unmatched ad products,
high-converting audiences, high-quality inventory.

Reach high-converting users in every vertical, on desktop and mobile. We work with hundreds of publishers in every business vertical, we support all player sizes, and our ad space is 100% viewable. We're KPI-driven in everything we do, and we will help you achieve your business goals.

What you get with uNative:

SSP Serve ads of any type via RTB

  • Relevant ads with the best rates for publishers
  • Access to a booming supply-side market
  • An ability to serve ads of any type, via any protocol
  • The support of OpenRTB 2.3.1

Supported Ad Formats High-converting ad units for smart advertising strategies

video slider show demo

Ad units of this format slide onto the page and remain on top of the main contend during scrolling. By staying in view for long periods of time, video slider ensures that your potential customer gets a chance to see your ad.

in–roll show demo

Video units of this type are embedded between sections of editorial content of the web page. When contextually-targeted, in-roll ads provide users with relevant promotional content which leads to greater performance.

watch live demo

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